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Neurovirt is a virtual reality and haptics device that makes upper-limb rehabilitation for patients fun and seem effortless whilst quantifying impairment and improvement for doctors.

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What we do

We are a medical technology development company specialising in upper-limb rehabilitation.

Our mission is to provide high quality and fun rehabilitation to as many patients as possible and make an impact in patients’ lives.

Our fantastic games can be used by patients of all ages and at all levels of impairment looking to rehabilitate at home, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics or care homes.

Why NeuroVirt

NeuroVirt uses Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) to gamify the rehabilitation process, making it fun and accessible. Accurate impairment and improvement metrics are projected on our app to monitor and view progress. Our cost-effective solution provides endless hours of fun with clinically-backed and user-tested games, controlling and correcting in real-time for quality of movement.

Our Partners

Meet Our Team

Dr. Eve Gregoriou

CEO & Co-Founder

PhD in Clinical and movement Neurosciences at UCL, 9+ years of R&D experience

Carolina Bell, ACA

Co-founder and Business & Finance Lead

7+ years industry experience in management & financial accounting, risk management, corporate compliance and project management.

Kevin Agnes

Lead VR Developer

Software & Game Developer, UX/UI Researcher, proficient in (C, C++, C#, Python). skills, MSc in VR development

Ben Rider

VR Developer

Game development and design with Unity and C# (10+ years), extensive experience in C++, Java, VBA, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Jira.

Our advisors

Tom Smith

Commercialisation Advisor

CEO of WandaHealth. Global Digital Health and Med Tech Executive, Entrepreneur

Prof. Nick Ward

Clinical Consultant

Clinical Consultant: Professor of Clinical Neurology and Neurorehabilitation at UCL Queen Square. Affiliations to a number of charities including the Stroke Association, Different Strokes and SameYou

Jason Goldstein, MBA

Business Advisor

Co-founder of NG Bio.

Experience in Venture Capital entities.

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