About Us.

Better Quality Rehabilitation. Better Quality of Life.

NeuroVirt is an early-stage Medtech start-up company with a mission to improve the road to rehabilitation.

Our aim is to help people get better faster whilst they play games immersed in beautiful environments. We believe that with the benefits of state-of-the art technologies we can provide motivational, effortless and rewarding rehabilitation at people’s home or at their hospital.

NeuroVirt also supports doctors in the assessment and treatment of upper-limb impairments by providing accurate data oversight of remote and onsite progress, improvement and predictive recovery.

Our Team.

Eve Gregoriou, PhD

Founder & CEO

• PhD Neuroscience & Neurotechnologies, UCL
• 9+ years R&D experience


Hye Sung Moon, MSc

Lead Product Developer

• Electrical Engineer, Software & Game Developer, UX/UI Researcher
• 7+ years of programming skills (C, C++, C#, Python)

Carolina Bell, ACA


• Project Management & Corporate Administration
• Financial & Management Accounting

Jason Goldstein, MBA, CA

Business Lead

• Business Advisory
• Investor at a biotech venture capital fund


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