About Us.

Better Quality Rehabilitation.

Better Quality of Life.

During her PhD, Eve started NeuroVirt to help stroke survivors reach their full recovery potential after realising that traditional rehabilitation was repetitive and assessment methods were time-consuming.

NeuroVirt is a med-tech company with a mission to improve the road to rehabilitation. Our aim is to help people get better faster whilst playing games immersed in beautiful environments. With the benefits of our state-of-the art technologies we can provide motivational, effortless and rewarding rehabilitation at people’s home or at the hospital.

We also support doctors in the assessment and treatment of upper-limb impairments by providing accurate data oversight of remote and onsite progress, improvement and predictive recovery.

We have been working alongside clinicians and patients to design our games and hardware ensuring that we meet all rehabilitation needs, provide meaningful metrics and ensure the correct movement is performed. With NeuroVirt both a patient and clinician will have the confidence of fun and remote progress post-hospitalisation.